South Korean movie actors born in the year 1923

Here are 5 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1923:

Kim Jin-kyu

Kim Jin-kyu (April 12, 1923 Seocheon County-June 18, 1998 Banpo-dong) also known as Jin Kyu Kim, Kim Jin-Gyu, Gim Jin-gyu, Kim Chin-kyu, Kim Jinkyu or Kim Jin Gyu was a South Korean actor, film director and film producer. He had six children, Jin-ah Kim, Jin-geun Kim, Jin-cheol Kim, Jin-soo Kim, Ri-na Kim and Jin-sun Kim.

Hie-gab Kim

Hie-gab Kim (July 18, 1923 Changjin County-May 18, 1993 South Korea) also known as Kim Hee-Gap, Kim Hee-kap or Kim Heegab was a South Korean actor and film score composer.

Choi Bong

Choi Bong (May 25, 1923 Korea-September 1, 1990) also known as Choe Bong or Bong Choi was a South Korean actor.

Chu Seok-Yang

Chu Seok-Yang (September 23, 1923 Jongno District-May 22, 2000) also known as Ju Seok-yang, Seong-yang Chu, Seok-yang Ju, Chu Seong-yang, Seok-yang Chu, Sok-Yang Choo, Choo Sok-Yang or Chu Seokyang was a South Korean actor.

Yang Hun

Yang Hun (April 26, 1923 Kaesong-October 11, 1998) also known as Hun Yang or Yang Hoon was a South Korean actor and comedian.

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