South Korean movie actors born in the year 1935

Here are 5 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1935:

Lee Soon-jae

Lee Soon-jae (October 10, 1935 Hoeryong-) a.k.a. Yi Sunjae, I Sun-jae, Sun-jae Lee, Soon-jae Lee, Lee Soon-Jae or Lee Soonjae is a South Korean actor. He has one child, Lee Jong-hyun.

Lee Dae-yub

Lee Dae-yub (May 10, 1935 Changwon-) also known as Dae-yeob Lee is a South Korean actor and politician.

Kim Gil-Ho

Kim Gil-Ho (February 17, 1935-) also known as Kil-ho Kim is a South Korean actor.

Park Yong-Pal

Park Yong-Pal (December 10, 1935 Jangheung County-) also known as Park Yongpal is a South Korean actor.

Sa Won-Bai

Sa Won-Bai (September 29, 1935 Korea under Japanese rule-) is a South Korean actor.

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