South Korean movie actors born in the year 1951

Here are 6 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1951:

Yu In-chon

Yu In-chon (March 20, 1951 Seosan-) also known as In-chon Yu or Yu In Chon is a South Korean actor.

Park Sang-Gyu

Park Sang-Gyu (October 18, 1951 South Korea-) otherwise known as Sang-gyu Park, Park Sangkyu or Park Sang-gyoo is a South Korean actor.

Lee Chun-yeon

Lee Chun-yeon (October 21, 1951 South Korea-) also known as Chun-yeon Lee, Chun Yeon Lee, Choon-Yeon Lee, Lee Choon-yeon, Choon-yun Lee, Lee Choon-yun or Lee Chunyeon is a South Korean film producer and actor. He has one child, Lee Yong-jin.

Lee Sang-woo

Lee Sang-woo (October 10, 1951 North Chungcheong Province-) otherwise known as Sang-woo Lee, Lee Saang Woo, Lะตะต Sang-Woo or Lee Saang-woo is a South Korean screenwriter, film director, actor and film producer.

In-cheol Lee

In-cheol Lee (July 8, 1951 South Korea-) also known as Lee In-Chul or Lee Inchul is a South Korean actor.

Yoo Yeong-Gook

Yoo Yeong-Gook (March 16, 1951 Jeongeup-) also known as Yu Yeong-Guk, Jang-yeol Kim, You Young-kook, Yeong-guk Yu or Yoo Youngguk is a South Korean actor.

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