South Korean movie actors born in the year 1966

Here are 11 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1966:

Yu Oh-seong

Yu Oh-seong (September 11, 1966 Yeongwol County-) a.k.a. Yu O-sung, Oh-seong Yu, Yoo Oh-Sung, Yu Oh-Sung, Ohsung Yoo, Yoo Oh-seong, Yu, Yu Osŏng, Yoo Ou Sung, Yu Oh-Seong or Yoo Ohseong is a South Korean actor. His children are called Yu Geun-tak and Yu Min-seok.

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Young Man Kang

Young Man Kang (April 6, 1966 Seosan-) a.k.a. Kang Young-man or Kang Yŏng-man is a South Korean film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor and film editor.

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Lee Seung-Cheol

Lee Seung-Cheol (December 5, 1966 Seoul-) also known as Lee Seungcheol, Lee Seung Cheol, Lee Seungchul, Lee Seung Chul, Lee Seung-cheol, Lee Seung-Chul, Lee Seongchul, Seung-chul Lee or RUI is a South Korean singer, musician and actor.

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Park Joong-hoon

Park Joong-hoon (March 22, 1966 Seoul-) otherwise known as Joong-Hoon Paek, Joong Hoon Park, Jung-hun Park, Joong-Hoon Park, Park, Bak Jung-hun, Pak Chunghun, Jung-Hoon Park, Park Joonghoon, Park Joong Hoon or Park Jung Hun is a South Korean actor. His children are called Park Mi-Hwi and Park So-hwi.

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Doo-hong Jung

Doo-hong Jung (December 14, 1966 Buyeo County-) also known as Doo-Hong Jeong, Du-Hong Jeong, Du-Hong Jung, Jung Du Hong, Jung Doo-hong, Jeong Doo-Hong, Jung Doo Hung or Doo Hong Jung is a South Korean actor, martial artist and stunt performer.

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Won-jong Lee

Won-jong Lee (January 1, 1966 Buyeo County-) also known as Lee Won Jong, Lee Won-jung, I Won-jong, I Wŏn-chong or Lee Wonjong is a South Korean actor.

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Ahn Gil-Gang

Ahn Gil-Gang (August 24, 1966 South Korea-) also known as Kil-Kang Ahn, Ahn Gil-kang, An Gil-gang, Ah Kil-kang, An Gil Gang, Ahn Kil-kang, Ahn Kang Kil, An Kil-kang or An Gilkang is a South Korean actor.

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Cho Seong-ha

Cho Seong-ha (August 8, 1966 Seoul-) a.k.a. Seong-ha Cho, Sung-ha Cho, Sung-ha Jo, Jo Sung-ha, Cho Sung-ha, Jo Seong-ha, Seong-ha Jo, Cho Sŏng-ha, Sung Ha Jo or Jo Sungha is a South Korean actor. His child is called Cho Soo-hyeon.

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Tommy Chang

Tommy Chang (February 19, 1966 Gyeonggi Province-) a.k.a. Thomas P. Chang, Thomas Chang, Tom Chang, Tommy Cheng or Master Tommy Chang is a South Korean actor, stunt performer, film producer, sports instructor and martial artist.

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Lee Hyun-Woo

Lee Hyun-Woo (March 6, 1966 Seoul-) a.k.a. Lee Hyeon Wu, Lee Hyeon U, I Hyeon U, Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Hyŏn Woo, Lee Hyeon Woo, Lee, Hyun Woo, Lee Hyeon-woo, Hyeon-woo Lee, Sang-won Lee, Jessie Lee or Hyun-woo Lee is a South Korean singer, actor, lyricist and composer.

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Jeon No-Min

Jeon No-Min (August 28, 1966 Incheon-) a.k.a. Jun No-min, Jeon Jae-ryong, No-min Jeon, Jae-ryong Jeon, Chŏn No-min, Chŏn Jae-ryong or Jeon Nomin is a South Korean actor.

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