Polish musicians born in the year 1955

Here are 7 famous musicians from Poland were born in 1955:

Michał Lorenc

Michał Lorenc (October 5, 1955 Warsaw-) also known as Michal Lorenc, Lorenc, Michał or Michael Lorenc is a Polish film score composer.

His discography includes: Bandyta, Glina, Psy, Kroll, Sekal Has to Die, , , , Osaczony and .

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Zbigniew Preisner

Zbigniew Preisner (May 20, 1955 Bielsko-Biała-) also known as Zbignew Preisner, Zbigniev Preisner, Preisner, Z. Preisner, H. Van den Budenmayer, Zbigniew Antoni Kowalski, Van den Budenmayer or Zbigniew Kowalski is a Polish composer and film score composer.

Discography: Trois couleurs : Rouge, Preisner's Music, Fairytale: A True Story, La Double Vie de Véronique, Requiem for My Friend, 10 Easy Pieces for Piano, The Last September, Preisner/Kieslowski, Trois couleurs : Blanc and Trois couleurs : Bleu. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Ewa Błaszczyk

Ewa Błaszczyk (October 15, 1955 Warsaw-) also known as Ewa Blaszczyk is a Polish actor. She has two children, Marianna Janczarska and Aleksandra Janczarska.

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Izabela Trojanowska

Izabela Trojanowska (April 22, 1955 Olsztyn-) is a Polish actor.

Her discography includes: The Best Of, and . Genres she performed include Rock music, Pop music and New Wave.

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Daniel Stabrawa

Daniel Stabrawa (August 23, 1955 Poland-) is a Polish , .

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Tomek Lipiński

Tomek Lipiński (August 21, 1955 Warsaw-) also known as Lipiński, Tomek, Tomasz Lipinski, Tom Lipinski, Tom Lopinski or Tomasz Lipiński is a Polish actor, film score composer and musician. He has two children, Agata Lipińska and Lucja Lipińska.

His albums include Nie pytaj mnie and Słodko Gorzki.

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Grażyna Auguścik

Grażyna Auguścik (August 17, 1955-) a.k.a. Grazyna Auguscik or Auguścik, Grażyna is a Polish , .

Discography: River. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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