South Korean musicians died when they were 25

Here are 1 famous musicians from South Korea died at 25:


U;Nee (May 3, 1981 Seo District, Incheon-January 21, 2007 Seo District, Incheon) also known as Hye-ryeon Lee, Lee Hye-Ryeon, Heo Yun, Heo Yoon, Yuni, I Hye-ryeon, Yi Hyeryŏn, Hŏ Yun or Lee Hyeryeon was a South Korean singer, actor, rapper and dancer.

Her albums: Passion & Pure, U;Nee Code, Call Call Call and Habit. Genres she performed: K-pop, Dance music, Rhythm and blues and Dance-pop.

She died in suicide.

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