South Korean musicians died when they were 64

Here are 2 famous musicians from South Korea died at 64:

Kim Geun-tae

Kim Geun-tae (February 14, 1947 Bucheon-December 30, 2011 Seoul) was a South Korean politician and writer.

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Park Chul-soo

Park Chul-soo (November 20, 1948 Cheongdo County-February 19, 2013 Jukjeon-dong, Yongin) also known as Park Cheol-su, Chul-soo Park, Cheol-su Park, Bak Cheol-su, Pak Ch'«íl-su, Park, Chul-Soo or Park Chulsoo was a South Korean film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer and teacher. His children are called Park Ga-young and Park Ji-kang.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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