Spanish movie actors born in the year 1928

Here are 7 famous actors from Spain were born in 1928:

Federico Bahamontes

Federico Bahamontes (July 9, 1928 Santo Domingo-Caudilla-) otherwise known as Federico Martín Bahamontes or Bahamontes is a Spanish professional road racing cyclist and actor.

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Antonio Molina

Antonio Molina (March 9, 1928 Málaga-March 18, 1992 Madrid) also known as Antonio Molina de Hoces was a Spanish singer, actor and film score composer. He had eight children, Ángela Molina, Monica Molina, Paula Molina, Miguel Molina, Noel Molina, Antonio Molina Tejedor, Juan Ramón Molina and José Alberto Molina.

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Josep Maria Forn

Josep Maria Forn (April 4, 1928 Barcelona-) also known as Josep Mª Forn, José María Forn, Josep María Forn, Josep Maria Forn Costa, Josep M. Forn, José Maria Forn Costa or Josep Maria Forn i Costa is a Spanish film director, actor, film producer and screenwriter.

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Rafael Hernández

Rafael Hernández (August 3, 1928 Madrid-November 7, 1997 Madrid) also known as Rafael Hernandez, Ralph Baldwyn, Rafaël Hernandez, E. Rafael Hernández or Esteban Rafael Hernández Herrero was a Spanish actor and police officer.

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Antolín García

Antolín García (April 5, 1928 Barcelona-August 23, 1990 Madrid) a.k.a. Antolín García Rodríguez was a Spanish actor, voice actor and presenter.

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Adolfo Marsillach

Adolfo Marsillach (January 25, 1928 Barcelona-January 21, 2002 Madrid) also known as Adolfo Marsillac, Adolfo Marsillach Soriano or Adolf Marsillach was a Spanish actor, writer, screenwriter, theatre director, playwright, television director and film director. His children are called Cristina Marsillach and Blanca Marsillach.

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Antonio Ozores

Antonio Ozores (August 24, 1928 Burjassot-May 12, 2010 Madrid) also known as Antonio Ozores Puchol was a Spanish actor, screenwriter and film director. His child is called Emma Ozores.

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