Spanish movie actors born in the year 1934

Here are 11 famous actors from Spain were born in 1934:

Paul Naschy

Paul Naschy (September 6, 1934 Madrid-November 30, 2009 Madrid) a.k.a. Jacinto Molina Álvarez, J. Molina, Jacinto Molina, Paul Nash, Paúl Naschy, Hermes Omaña, Paul Naschi, David Molva, Jacinto Molina Alvarez, Boris Karloff of Spain, The Spanish Lon Chaney or Paul Nashy was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer and weightlifter. He had two children, Sergio Molina and Bruno Molina.

Gonzalo Suárez

Gonzalo Suárez (July 30, 1934 Oviedo-) a.k.a. Gonzalo Suarez, Gonzalo Suárez Morilla, José Suárez Sánchez or Martin Girard is a Spanish writer, screenwriter, film director, actor and film producer. His child is called Gonzalo Suárez Girard.

Frank Braña

Frank Braña (February 24, 1934 Pola de Allande-February 13, 2012 Majadahonda) also known as Francisco Braña, Francisco Braña Pérez, Frankie Bradford, Frank Blank, Frank Branya, Francisco Brama, Paco Braña, Franck Brana, Frank Brana, Francisco Brana, Paco or Paco Brana was a Spanish actor, miner and chauffeur.

Ángel Aranda

Ángel Aranda (September 18, 1934 Jaén-July 4, 2000 Spain) also known as Angel Miranda, Angelo Aranda, Ángel Pérez Aranda, Angel Aranda or Angel Armada was a Spanish actor.

Paul Piaget

Paul Piaget (September 5, 1934 Jerez de la Frontera-November 5, 1985 Madrid) also known as Paul Piaget Ducurroy was a Spanish actor. His child is called Cristina Piaget.

Román Gubern

Román Gubern (August 8, 1934 Barcelona-) a.k.a. Román Gubern Garriga-Nogués, Roman Gubern or Romà Gubern is a Spanish actor and screenwriter.

Alfred Lucchetti

Alfred Lucchetti (February 3, 1934 Barcelona-April 8, 2011 Barcelona) a.k.a. Alfred Lucchetti Farré, Alfredo Luchetti, Alfredo Lucchetti, Alfredo Luccetti or Alfred Luchetti was a Spanish actor. His children are called Tito Lucchetti and Mònica Lucchetti.

Jose Maria Tasso

Jose Maria Tasso (February 7, 1934 Madrid-February 9, 2003 Province of León) a.k.a. José M ª. Tasso, José M. ª Tasso, Jose Tasso, José María Tena Tasso, JM ª. Tasso, Joseph M. Tasso, José María Tasso Tena, Jose Maria Tasso, José M. Tasso or José Tasso was a Spanish actor.

Ángel del Pozo

Ángel del Pozo (July 14, 1934 Madrid-) also known as Anthony Clark, Antony Clark, Angel Del Poso, Angel Del Pozo, Angel Del Pozzo, Angel Delpozo, Del Pozo or Ángel del Pozo Merino is a Spanish film director and actor.

Eugenio Domingo

Eugenio Domingo (November 17, 1934 Barcelona-April 1, 1989 Madrid) was a Spanish actor.

Antonio Gamero

Antonio Gamero (March 2, 1934 Madrid-July 26, 2010 Madrid) also known as Antonio Gamero Aguirre or Gamero Antonio Aguirre was a Spanish actor.

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