Spanish movie actors born in the year 1948

Here are 10 famous actors from Spain were born in 1948:

Pablito Calvo

Pablito Calvo (March 16, 1948 Madrid-February 1, 2000 Alicante) also known as Pablo Calvo or Pablo Calvo Hidalgo was a Spanish actor and industrial engineer. He had one child, Pablito Calvo Jr..

Ruperto Ares

Ruperto Ares (March 7, 1948 Palma, Majorca-) is a Spanish actor.

Guillermo Montesinos

Guillermo Montesinos (January 10, 1948 Castellón de la Plana-) also known as Guillermo José Montesinos Serrano or Willy Montesinos is a Spanish actor.

Hilario Camacho

Hilario Camacho (June 8, 1948 Madrid-August 16, 2006 Madrid) was a Spanish actor, film score composer and singer.

Jordi Estadella

Jordi Estadella (November 11, 1948 Barcelona-April 30, 2010 Barcelona) was a Spanish voice actor, journalist and actor.

Karlos Arguiñano

Karlos Arguiñano (September 6, 1948 Beasain-) a.k.a. Karlos Arguinano or Karlos Arguiñano Urkiola is a Spanish chef, television producer and actor.

Antonio Rupérez

Antonio Rupérez (May 2, 1948 Basque Country-) a.k.a. Antonio Ruipérez is a Spanish actor.

Francisco Algora

Francisco Algora (December 7, 1948 Madrid-) also known as Paco Algora or Francisco Javier Jiménez Algora is a Spanish actor, playwright and poet.

Joan Pera

Joan Pera (September 27, 1948 Mataró-) also known as Juan Pera is a Spanish actor, voice actor, screenwriter and television director. His children are called Roger Pera and Boi Pera.

Màgic Andreu

Màgic Andreu (July 11, 1948 Barcelona-) also known as Francesc Andreu i Sabadell is a Spanish television director, actor, writer and comedian.

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