Spanish movie actors born in the year 1950

Here are 11 famous actors from Spain were born in 1950:

Imanol Uribe

Imanol Uribe (February 28, 1950 San Salvador-) also known as Imanol Karmel Uribe Bilbao, Imanol Uribe Bilbao or Imanol K. Uribe is a Spanish screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, film editor and television director. He has one child, Andrea Uribe.

Tony Isbert

Tony Isbert (December 5, 1950 Madrid-) a.k.a. Antonio Spitzer Ysbert, Toni Isbert, Tony S. Isbert or Antonio José Spitzer Ysbert is a Spanish actor.

Santi Pons

Santi Pons (October 18, 1950 Sant Antoni de Portmany-) also known as Santiago Pons, Yago Pons or Santy Pons is a Spanish actor.

Ferran Rañé

Ferran Rañé (May 13, 1950 Barcelona-) also known as Ferran Rañé Blasco, Ferràn Rañé, Ferrán Rañé or Ferran Rañe is a Spanish actor. He has one child, Joana Rañé.

Quimet Pla

Quimet Pla (July 5, 1950 Olesa de Montserrat-) also known as Quimet Plà or Quimet Plá is a Spanish actor. He has one child, Oriol Pla.

Eloy Arenas

Eloy Arenas (January 6, 1950 Dolores, Alicante-) is a Spanish actor and comedian. He has one child, Eloy Azorin.

Roberto Vidal Bolaño

Roberto Vidal Bolaño (July 31, 1950 Santiago de Compostela-September 11, 2002 Santiago de Compostela) a.k.a. Roberto Vidal was a Spanish actor. He had two children, Roi Vidal Ponte and Carme Vidal Quintáns.

Miguel Gallardo

Miguel Gallardo (September 29, 1950 Granada-November 11, 2005 Madrid) also known as Gallardo, Miguel or José Miguel Gallardo Vera was a Spanish actor and singer-songwriter.

Chema Muñoz

Chema Muñoz (August 20, 1950 Santander-) also known as José María Muñoz or Jose Maria Muñoz is a Spanish actor.

Ricardo Arroyo

Ricardo Arroyo (November 28, 1950 Barcelona-) is a Spanish actor.

Eduardo Torres-Dulce

Eduardo Torres-Dulce (May 14, 1950 Madrid-) is a Spanish actor, screenwriter, lawyer, film critic and law professor.

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