Spanish movie actors born in the year 1956

Here are 14 famous actors from Spain were born in 1956:

Imanol Arias

Imanol Arias (April 26, 1956 Riaño, León-) otherwise known as Manuel María Arias Domínguez is a Spanish actor and film director. He has two children, Jon Arias and Daniel Arias.

Miguel Bosé

Miguel Bosé (April 3, 1956 Panama City-) also known as Miguel Bos, Miguel Bose, Miguel Luchino González Borlani, Luis Miguel Luchino González Borloni, Luis Miguel González Bosè, Luis Miguel Luchino González Borlino, Miguel Dominguín Bosé, Miguel Bosè or Luis Miguel Luchino González Bosé is a Spanish singer, actor, songwriter, television director and musician. His children are called Tadeo Bosé, Diego Bosé, Ivo Bosé and Telmo Bosé.

Antonio Muñoz Molina

Antonio Muñoz Molina (January 10, 1956 Úbeda-) also known as Antonio Munoz Molina or Antonio Molina is a Spanish writer, actor and novelist.

Roberto Alvarez

Roberto Alvarez (May 13, 1956 Gijón-) a.k.a. Roberto Álvarez, Roberto Álvarez Ruiz or Roberto Alvarez Ruiz is a Spanish actor. His child is called Samuel Álvarez.

Jordi Bosch

Jordi Bosch (December 18, 1956 Mataró-) also known as Jordi Bosch i Palacios is a Spanish actor. He has two children, Jordi Bosch and Marc Bosch.

Atilano Franco

Atilano Franco (April 13, 1956 Marín, Pontevedra-February 2, 2009 Marín, Pontevedra) a.k.a. Atilano Franco Parada was a Spanish actor.

Manuel Morón

Manuel Morón (June 9, 1956 Cádiz-) otherwise known as Manuel Moran or Manuel Moron is a Spanish actor.

Pere Molina

Pere Molina (March 15, 1956 Barcelona-) also known as Perico Molina is a Spanish actor.

Carlos Ysbert

Carlos Ysbert (July 4, 1956 Madrid-) also known as Carlos Spitzer Ysbert or Carlos Isbert is a Spanish actor and voice actor.

Vicente Gil

Vicente Gil (January 26, 1956 Torrevieja-) also known as Vic Gil is a Spanish actor.

Arturo Querejeta

Arturo Querejeta (September 16, 1956 Logroño-) is a Spanish actor.

Tomás Sáez

Tomás Sáez (May 6, 1956 Madrid-) also known as Tomás Sáez Retamar, Tomas Saenz Retamar or Tomas Saez is a Spanish actor.


Bermúdez (January 15, 1956 Madrid-) also known as Carlos del Soto Muñoz or Carlos Soto is a Spanish actor.

Bernard Seray

Bernard Seray (November 27, 1956 Barcelona-) also known as Bernardt Seray or Bernard Seray Movellán is a Spanish actor.

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