Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1958

Here are 5 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1958:

Jeanne Mas

Jeanne Mas (February 28, 1958 Alicante-) a.k.a. Mas, Jeanne or Jeanne Marie Mas is a Spanish singer, songwriter and actor.

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María Casal

María Casal (February 26, 1958 Madrid-) also known as María Consuelo Casal Mínguez, Maria Casal or Maria Consuelo Casal is a Spanish actor.

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Sandra Mozarowsky

Sandra Mozarowsky (October 17, 1958 Tangier-September 14, 1977 Madrid) a.k.a. Sandra Mazarowski, Sandra Mozarosky, Sandra Mozarovski, Sandra Mozarovsky or Sandra Mozarowski was a Spanish actor.

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Concha García Campoy

Concha García Campoy (October 28, 1958 Barcelona-July 10, 2013 Valencia) a.k.a. Concepción García Campoy was a Spanish television director, actor, screenwriter and journalist. Her children are called Lorenzo Diaz and Berta Diaz.

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Lolita Flores

Lolita Flores (May 6, 1958 Madrid-) otherwise known as Dolores González Flores, Lolita, María Dolores González Flores, Lola González Flores or Lola Flores y Lolita is a Spanish singer and actor. She has two children, Elena Furiase and Guillermo Furiase.

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