Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1971

Here are 5 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1971:

Arly Jover

Arly Jover (February 2, 1971 Melilla-) also known as Araceli Jover, Araceli "Arly" Jover or Arly is a Spanish actor.

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Lola Dueñas

Lola Dueñas (October 6, 1971 Barcelona-) also known as Lola Duenas, María Dolores 'Lola' Dueñas, María Dolores Dueñas or María Dolores Dueñas Navarro is a Spanish actor.

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Alexandra Rapaport

Alexandra Rapaport (December 26, 1971 Bromma-) also known as Alexandra Susanna Rapaport is a Spanish actor. Her child is called Elmer Eliasson.

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Eva Gómez

Eva Gómez (June 30, 1971 Seville-) also known as Eva María Gómez Sánchez is a Spanish actor, journalist and presenter. She has three children, Fernando Pesce, Matías Pesce and Triana Morales.

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Silvia Abril

Silvia Abril (April 10, 1971 Mataró-) also known as Sílvia Abril, Sílvia Abril Fernández or Disco y Gráfica is a Spanish actor and comedian. She has one child, Joana Buenafuente.

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