Spanish musicians born in the year 1966

Here are 9 famous musicians from Spain were born in 1966:

Gabino Diego

Gabino Diego (September 18, 1966 Madrid-) otherwise known as Gabino Diego Solís or Gabino Diego Solis is a Spanish actor and screenwriter.

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Marta Sánchez

Marta Sánchez (May 8, 1966 Madrid-) a.k.a. Marta Sanchez, Martha Sanchez or Sánchez, Marta is a Spanish singer and guitarist. Her child is Paula Cabanas Sánchez.

Her most recognized albums: Woman, Mi Mundo, Azabache, Miss Sánchez, Directo Gira 2005 La Coruña, Desconocida, Grandes Éxitos: Los Mejores Años de Nuestra Vida, Soy Yo, Lo Mejor de Marta Sánchez and Mujer. Genres: Pop rock, Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Ballad, Latin American music and Dance music.

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Fito Cabrales

Fito Cabrales (October 6, 1966 Bilbao-) also known as Cabrales, Fito, Soy todo lo que me pasa or Adolfo Cabrales is a Spanish singer, musician, guitarist and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll, Blues rock, Hard rock and Rockabilly.

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Nina (October 1, 1966 Barcelona-) otherwise known as Ana Maria Agustí Flores or Nina (Spanish) is a Spanish singer and actor.

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Pedro Guerra

Pedro Guerra (June 2, 1966 Güímar-) also known as Guerra, Pedro is a Spanish singer-songwriter.

His albums include Bolsillos, Golosinas, Hijas de Eva, Ofrenda, Raíz, Tan Cerca de Mi, Mararia, Vidas, Raíz and .

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Carlos Álvarez

Carlos Álvarez (August 12, 1966 Málaga-) a.k.a. Carlos Alvarez is a Spanish audio engineer, mixing engineer and singer.

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David Lyme

David Lyme (November 22, 1966 Spain-) otherwise known as Lyme, David is a Spanish , .

Discography: Like a Star, Forever and . Genres he performed: Italo disco and Euro disco.

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Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia (August 19, 1966 Puerto Rico-) also known as Lilian Annette Garcia, Garcia, Lilian, Lilián García or Lillian Garcia is a Spanish singer, announcer and actor.

Her albums include ¡Quiero Vivir!.

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Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona (May 24, 1966 Marseille-) otherwise known as Eric the Red, King Cantona, Éric Daniel Pierre Cantona, Éric Cantona, The King or King Eric is a Spanish actor, soccer player, film producer and football player. He has four children, Raphael Cantona, Josephine Cantona, Selma Cantona and Émir Cantona.

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