Spanish musicians born in the year 1977

Here are 6 famous musicians from Spain were born in 1977:

Rocío Carrasco

Rocío Carrasco (April 29, 1977 Madrid-) also known as Rocio Carrasco, Rocío Carrasco Mohedano or Rociíto is a Spanish singer and actor. She has two children, David Flores and Rocío Flores.

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Dani Martín

Dani Martín (February 19, 1977 Madrid-) a.k.a. Dani Martín, Martín, Dani, Daniel Martín, Dany Martín, El Canto del Loco or Dani Martin is a Spanish singer and actor.

His albums: , and Dani Martín. His related genres: Punk rock and Pop rock.

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Arianna Puello

Arianna Puello (January 16, 1977 Dominican Republic-) otherwise known as Ari or Puello, Arianna is a Spanish singer.

Her albums: Asi lo Siento, La fecha, Gancho perfecto, , , , , and Kombate o muere.

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Aitor Porres

Aitor Porres (October 6, 1977 Biscay-) is a Spanish , .

Genres he performed include Progressive metal and Power metal.

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Sorkun (January 29, 1977 Errenteria-) also known as Sorkun Rubio or Sorkunde Rubio Antotegui is a Spanish singer.

Her most well known albums: Duna, Sorkun & Vice Presidentes and Onna. Genres she performed include Rock music, Pop music, Drum and bass, Jazz and Punk rock.

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Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro (May 19, 1977 La Figurita-) also known as NATALIA OREIRO, Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias Poggio Bourié, Oreiro, Natalia, Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias, Naty, Nataliya Oreyro or Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias de Mollo is a Spanish singer, actor, fashion designer, singer-songwriter and model. Her child is Merlín Atahualpa Mollo.

Her most recognized albums: Natalia Oreiro, Turmalina, 2001, Tu Veneno, Un Argentino en New York, Río de la Plata, Basta de Tí, Un Ramito de Violetas, Cuesta Arriba, Cuesta Abajo and Que Digan lo que Quieran. Genres related to her: Pop rock, Dance-pop, Rock music and Latin pop.

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