Swedish actors who were born in 1933

Here are 6 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1933:

Kent Andersson

Kent Andersson (December 2, 1933 Lundby, Gothenburg-November 3, 2005 Gothenburg) also known as Kent Yngve Andersson was a Swedish actor, screenwriter, playwright and theatre director. He had three children, Cecilia Andersson, Agneta Andersson and Martin Andersson.

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Håkan Serner

Håkan Serner (September 1, 1933 Malmö Municipality-October 25, 1984 Stockholm) also known as Hakan Serner or John Gunnar Håkan Serner was a Swedish actor. His children are called Manfred Serner, Martin Serner and Johan Serner.

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Per Myrberg

Per Myrberg (July 11, 1933 Stockholm-) also known as Per Nils Myrberg or Per is a Swedish actor and singer. His children are called Fredrik Myrberg, Olle Myrberg and Pia Myrberg.

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Ernst Günther

Ernst Günther (June 3, 1933 Karlskrona-December 8, 1999 Glemmingebro) also known as Ernst Harry Ingemar Günther was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter. He had two children, Rickard Günther and Savva Ernst Günther.

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Roland Hedlund

Roland Hedlund (November 17, 1933 Västerbotten-) also known as Roland Napoleon Hedlund is a Swedish actor.

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Anders Nyström

Anders Nyström (February 8, 1933 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

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