Swedish actors who were born in 1964

Here are 5 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1964:

Pontus Gårdinger

Pontus Gårdinger (July 20, 1964 Gotland-) a.k.a. Pontus Gardinger is a Swedish presenter, actor, television producer and film producer.

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Staffan Kihlbom

Staffan Kihlbom (January 23, 1964 Vallentuna-) also known as Staffan Kihlbom Thor is a Swedish actor.

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Robert Gustafsson

Robert Gustafsson (December 20, 1964 Katrineholm-) also known as Robert Gustavsson, Robert Gustaffson, Carl Robert Olof Gustafsson, the funniest man in Sweden or Robert Gustafson is a Swedish comedian, actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer and musician. He has two children, Valentin Gustafsson and John Gustafsson.

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Jugge Nohall

Jugge Nohall (September 6, 1964 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Mark Erik Jörgen Nohall, Jugge or Jörgen Nohall is a Swedish singer and actor.

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Lars Söderdahl

Lars Söderdahl (July 26, 1964 Tyresö Municipality-) also known as Lars Rune Söderdahl or Lasse is a Swedish actor.

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