Swedish actors who were born in 1979

Here are 6 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1979:

Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman (November 25, 1979 Stockholm-) also known as Charles Joel Nordström, Joel Nordström, Joel Kinnamann or Charles Joel Nordström Kinnaman is a Swedish actor.

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Oliver Loftéen

Oliver Loftéen (April 12, 1979 Stockholm-) a.k.a. John Sebastian Mattias Loftéen, Oliver John Sebastian Loftéen or Oliver Loftén is a Swedish actor.

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Omid Khansari

Omid Khansari (August 23, 1979 Tampa-) a.k.a. Omid Hussein Bertil Mohammadian Khansari is a Swedish actor.

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Shebly Niavarani

Shebly Niavarani (July 7, 1979 Tehran-) also known as Shelby Niavarani is a Swedish actor, screenwriter, film producer and film director.

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Ken (January 29, 1979 Upplands-Bro Municipality-) also known as Ken Ring, Ken Kiprono Ring, Kenta, Kenta Kofot or Kenneth Kiprono Ring is a Swedish rapper and actor. He has four children, Rebecca Ring, Kelian Ring, Angelen Ring and Knaster Ring.

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David Hoflin

David Hoflin (February 25, 1979 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

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