Swedish actresses who were born in 1925

Here are 6 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1925:

Mai Zetterling

Mai Zetterling (May 24, 1925 Västerås-March 17, 1994 London) otherwise known as Mai Fetterling, Maj Zetterling, Mai Elisabeth Zetterling or Mai Elizabeth Zetterling was a Swedish film director, actor, screenwriter and television director. She had two children, Louis Lemkow-Zetterling and Etienne Lemkow.

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Märta Torén

Märta Torén (May 21, 1925 Stockholm-February 19, 1957 Stockholm) also known as Marta Toren or The Next Ingrid Bergman was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Christina Bercovici.

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Margaretha Krook

Margaretha Krook (October 15, 1925 Stockholm-May 7, 2001 Stockholm) also known as Margareta Knutsdotter Krook, Margareta Krook, Margaretha Krooks, Margaretha Knutsdotter Krook, Margaretha Krook Knutsdotter or Margaretha Knutsdotter Krook Hammar was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Lotta Hammar.

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Kjerstin Dellert

Kjerstin Dellert (November 4, 1925 Stockholm-) also known as Dellert, Kjerstin is a Swedish singer and actor. She has one child, Thomas Dellert Dellacroix.

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Inga Gill

Inga Gill (May 2, 1925 Stockholm-October 18, 2000 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor. She had two children, My Holmsten and Annika Alm.

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Emy Storm

Emy Storm (May 20, 1925 Alfta-November 24, 2014) also known as Emmy Karolina Storm, Emy Fyhring-Ljungberg or Emmy Karolina Fyhring-Ljungberg was a Swedish actor.

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