Swedish actresses who were born in 1929

Here are 5 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1929:

Ulla Jacobsson

Ulla Jacobsson (May 23, 1929 Mölndal-August 20, 1982 Vienna) also known as Ulla Jacobsen was a Swedish actor.

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Yvonne Lombard

Yvonne Lombard (May 28, 1929 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor. Her children are called Jöns Hellsing, Susanna Hellsing, Johanna Hellsing, Karolina Hellsing and Petter Hellsing.

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Gun Jönsson

Gun Jönsson (December 13, 1929 Vetlanda-) also known as Gun Vera Birgit I. Jönsson or Gun Vera Birgit Irene Jönsson is a Swedish actor and television director. She has one child, Mikael Lind.

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Gunvor Pontén

Gunvor Pontén (February 11, 1929 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Gunvor Margareta Pontén is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Nina Pontén.

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Lena Brogren

Lena Brogren (April 18, 1929 Västerås-September 21, 2005 Gothenburg) also known as Ulla-Britt Brogren, Lena Brogren-Prytz, Ulla-Britt Prytz or Ulla-Britt ("Lena") Brogren was a Swedish actor.

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