Swedish actresses who were born in 1932

Here are 6 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1932:

Harriet Andersson

Harriet Andersson (February 14, 1932 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Petra Wejfeldt.

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Gerd Andersson

Gerd Andersson (June 11, 1932 Stockholm-) also known as Gerd Gunvor Andersson or Gerd Bethke is a Swedish actor and ballet dancer. She has one child, Lars Bethke.

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Öllegård Wellton

Öllegård Wellton (April 18, 1932 Stockholm-June 26, 1991 Stockholm) also known as Ingeborg Viola Öllegård Wellton-Hell, Ollegard Wellton, Ingeborg Viola Öllegård Wellton or Ingeborg Viola Öllegård Hell was a Swedish actor. She had two children, Johan Hell and Krister Hell.

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Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz

Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz (November 7, 1932 Örgryte-February 10, 1999 Lund) also known as Ann-Mari Gyllenspetz or Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz-Fogelquist was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Jenny Fogelquist.

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Margit Carlqvist

Margit Carlqvist (February 11, 1932 Stockholm-) also known as Margit Carlquist or Margit Larsson is a Swedish actor.

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Meg Westergren

Meg Westergren (May 16, 1932 Nockeby-) also known as Elsa Margareta Westergren, Meg, Elsa Margareta "Meg" Westergren or Meg Vestergren is a Swedish actor. Her children are called Fredrik Wretman and Malin Wretman.

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