Swedish actresses who were born in 1933

Here are 6 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1933:

Hillevi Rombin

Hillevi Rombin (September 14, 1933 Upsala-June 19, 1996 Los Angeles) also known as hillevi_rombin, Hillevi A. Rombin, Hillevi A. K. Rombin or Hillevi Rombin Schine was a Swedish actor. Her child is called Frederick Berndt Schine.

Birgitta Andersson

Birgitta Andersson (April 20, 1933 Mariestad-) also known as Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson Bye, Birgitta Andersson Bye or Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson is a Swedish actor, voice actor and comedian. She has two children, Hanna Zetterström and Matti Bye.

Gita Hall

Gita Hall (September 6, 1933 Sweden-) a.k.a. Birgitta Wetterhall is a Swedish model and actor. She has three children, Patsy Sullivan-Webb, Tracie May and Samantha May.

Catherine Berg

Catherine Berg (August 26, 1933 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

Eva Engström

Eva Engström (December 24, 1933 Härnösand-) is a Swedish actor, screenwriter, author and film director.

Gurie Nordwall

Gurie Nordwall (August 21, 1933 Örgryte-) is a Swedish actor.

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