Swedish actresses who were born in 1953

Here are 11 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1953:

Astrid Assefa

Astrid Assefa (February 7, 1953 Arvika-) also known as Astrid Margaretha Engelbrektsson is a Swedish actor, theatre director, singer and theatre manager.

Veronica Björnstrand

Veronica Björnstrand (May 15, 1953 Stockholm-) also known as Lilli Isabella Veronica Björnstrand is a Swedish actor.

Anne-Li Norberg

Anne-Li Norberg (October 5, 1953 Sollentuna Municipality-) also known as Ann-Li Norberg, Anne Li Norberg, Anne-Li Ingvarsdotter Norberg or Anneli Norberg is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Nina Haber.

Anna Kristina Kallin

Anna Kristina Kallin (December 6, 1953 Umeå-August 25, 2004 Gothenburg) a.k.a. Anna Kristina Kallin-Häggblom was a Swedish actor.

Li Brådhe

Li Brådhe (February 4, 1953 Alster, Sweden-) is a Swedish actor.

Anneli Alhanko

Anneli Alhanko (December 11, 1953 Bogotá-) also known as Anneli Elisabeth Alhanko or Anneli Elisabeth Alhanko Skoglund is a Swedish ballet dancer and actor.

Inger Isacson

Inger Isacson (November 30, 1953 Lidingö-) is a Swedish actor.

Inga-Lill Rydberg

Inga-Lill Rydberg (October 13, 1953 Luleå-) also known as Ingalill Rydberg is a Swedish actor.

Lotta Mossberg

Lotta Mossberg (March 2, 1953-) a.k.a. Signe Ann-Charlotte "Lotta" Mossberg Ahlengärd is a Swedish actor.

Tove Granditsky

Tove Granditsky (February 3, 1953 Solna Municipality-) also known as Tove Granditsky-Svenson is a Swedish actor.

Marienette Dahlin

Marienette Dahlin (March 7, 1953 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Marianette Dahlin is a Swedish actor.

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