Swedish actresses who were born in 1960

Here are 5 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1960:

Pia Johansson

Pia Johansson (November 16, 1960 Umeå-) also known as Pia Ann-Kristin Johansson is a Swedish actor.

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Eva Dahlgren

Eva Dahlgren (June 9, 1960 Umeå-) is a Swedish singer, actor and composer.

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Maria Kulle

Maria Kulle (April 26, 1960 Konga-) a.k.a. Hulda Maria Charlotte Kulle is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Emanuel Berenett.

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Ika Nord

Ika Nord (April 29, 1960 Halmstad-) a.k.a. Ulrika Kristina Elisabeth Nord or Ulrika Christina Elisabeth Nord is a Swedish actor, screenwriter, mime artist and clown. She has two children, Nemo Nord and Benjamin Nord.

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Vicki Benckert

Vicki Benckert (October 17, 1960 Borstahusen-) a.k.a. Benckert, Vicki, Vivi Catharina Benckert or Victoria B. is a Swedish singer, composer, actor and translator. She has three children, Mimmi Benckert-Claesson, Wille Benckert and Maja Benckert.

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