Swedish actresses who were born in 1971

Here are 9 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1971:

Alexandra Rapaport

Alexandra Rapaport (December 26, 1971 Bromma-) also known as Alexandra Susanna Rapaport is a Swedish actor. Her child is called Elmer Eliasson.

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Melinda Kinnaman

Melinda Kinnaman (November 9, 1971 Stockholm-) also known as Melinda Rosalie Kinnaman is a Swedish actor.

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Sara Edwardsson

Sara Edwardsson (June 24, 1971 Uppsala-) is a Swedish actor and singer.

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Helena af Sandeberg

Helena af Sandeberg (September 1, 1971 Solna-) otherwise known as Helena Beata Maria af Sandeberg is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Alfred Mørk Eidem.

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Anna Anka

Anna Anka (April 28, 1971 Polish People's Republic-) a.k.a. Anna Yeager, Anna Åberg, Anna Aberg or Danuta Anna Kołodziejska is a Swedish model and actor. She has two children, Ethan Anka and Ellie Yeager.

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Anja Lundqvist

Anja Lundqvist (June 7, 1971 Uppsala Municipality-) also known as Karin Anja Elisabet Lundqvist or Anja Lundkvist is a Swedish actor.

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Tanja Lorentzon

Tanja Lorentzon (September 25, 1971 Tumba-) otherwise known as Tanja Mirjam Cecilia Svedjeström, Tanja Svedjeström or Tanja Mirjam Cecilia Koukonen is a Swedish actor, playwright and screenwriter.

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Anna-Lena Strindlund

Anna-Lena Strindlund (June 21, 1971 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

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Ellen Nyman

Ellen Nyman (December 21, 1971 Asmara-) is a Swedish actor.

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