Swedish actresses who were born in 1985

Here are 18 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1985:

Caroline Winberg

Caroline Winberg (March 27, 1985 Sollentuna Municipality-) also known as Caroline Maria Winberg is a Swedish supermodel, fashion model and actor.

Natacha Peyre

Natacha Peyre (March 26, 1985 Ibiza-) also known as Natacha Peyre Requena is a Swedish model, singer and actor.

Agnes Östergren

Agnes Östergren (June 3, 1985 Sweden-) is a Swedish actor.

Emma Samuelsson

Emma Samuelsson (August 14, 1985 Borås-) is a Swedish actor.

Aliette Opheim

Aliette Opheim (July 21, 1985 Täby-) is a Swedish actor.

Judith Katzeff

Judith Katzeff (January 29, 1985 Stockholm-) is a Swedish film producer and actor.

Erika Hallberg

Erika Hallberg (December 16, 1985 Karlstad-) also known as Erika Kristina Hallberg is a Swedish actor, set decorator and musician.

Marina Nyström

Marina Nyström (October 25, 1985-) is a Swedish actor.

Ulrika Bergman

Ulrika Bergman (February 5, 1985-) is a Swedish actor.

Cecilia Forss

Cecilia Forss (June 12, 1985 Falun-) also known as Cissi Forss is a Swedish actor and comedian.

Cecilia Wallin

Cecilia Wallin (March 12, 1985 Uddevalla-) also known as Cissi Wallin is a Swedish radio personality and actor.

Sofia Brattwall

Sofia Brattwall (May 14, 1985 Sweden-) is a Swedish actor.

Sasha Becker

Sasha Becker (August 6, 1985-) otherwise known as Sasha Agnes Becker is a Swedish actor.

Emma Engström

Emma Engström (February 28, 1985 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

Rebecka Östergren

Rebecka Östergren (March 1, 1985 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

Nina Haber

Nina Haber (April 11, 1985 Gävleborg County-) is a Swedish actor.

Karin Hagås

Karin Hagås (August 6, 1985-) also known as Karin Ida Yvonne Hagås is a Swedish actor.

Shima Niavarani

Shima Niavarani (July 7, 1985 Tehran-) is a Swedish artist, actor, music artist and playwright.

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