Swedish actresses who deceased in 1998

Here are 4 famous actresses from Sweden died in 1998:

Lillie Björnstrand

Lillie Björnstrand (November 2, 1913 Högsjö-March 23, 1998 Nacka) also known as Lilly Margareta Lundahl was a Swedish actor and writer. Her children are called Veronica Björnstrand, Stefan Björnstrand, Gabrielle Björnstrand and Kristina Björnstrand.

Lola Iris Viola Johansson

Lola Iris Viola Johansson (March 1, 1912 Varberg-December 24, 1998 Gothenburg) also known as Lola Iris Viola Svenson, Lola Svensson, Lola Iris Viola Hertzberg or Iris Viola Hertzberg was a Swedish singer and actor. Her child is called Bo Svenson.

Birgitta Hörnblad

Birgitta Hörnblad (September 18, 1944 Örnsköldsvik-April 15, 1998) also known as Gun Elsa Birgitta Hörnblad was a Swedish actor.

Leena Skoog

Leena Skoog (May 6, 1951 Södertälje-July 12, 1998 Tullinge) also known as Lena Skog, Leena Van Skoog or Stina was a Swedish actor and singer. She had one child, Bonnie Skoog Feeney.

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