Swedish musicians who were born in 1942

Here are 6 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1942:

Lars-Erik Berenett

Lars-Erik Berenett (December 23, 1942 Skellefteå-) otherwise known as Lars Erik Berenett is a Swedish actor. His children are called Matti Berenett and Emanuel Berenett.

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Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland (October 6, 1942 Stockholm-) also known as Britt-Marie Ekland, Britt-Marie Ecklund, Britt-Marie Eklund, Britta Ekman, Britt Marie Eklund, Britt Eckland or Britt is a Swedish actor, singer, screenwriter and film director. She has three children, Victoria Sellers, Nikolaj Adler and T.J. Mcdonnell.

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Bengt Berger

Bengt Berger (August 31, 1942 Stockholm-) is a Swedish jazz musician, composer and record producer. He has one child, Simon J. Berger.

His albums: Arco Íris and Bitter Funeral Beer.

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Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams (April 15, 1942 Solna-) also known as Sven Erik Fernström, Jerry Williams & The Dynamiters or Erik Fernström is a Swedish singer and actor.

His discography includes: Can't Slow Down, Greatest Hits, Live på Börsen, Working Class Hero, 16 Rockklassiker, Jerry Williams, Kung i blodet, Keep On Rollin', Sweet Sixty and Spotlight.

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Björn Isfält

Björn Isfält (June 28, 1942 Linköping-January 17, 1997 Gamla Enskede) also known as Bjorn Isfalt, Isfält, Björn or Tor Björn Engelbrekt Isfält was a Swedish film score composer, musician and composer.

Related albums: Filmmusik and En Kärlekshistoria.

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Gunilla Bergström

Gunilla Bergström (July 3, 1942 Gothenburg-) otherwise known as Gunilla Bergstrom is a Swedish author and illustrator.

Her albums include 4 sagor till med Alfons Åberg and God Natt, Albert Åberg (feat. narrator: Nicolay Lange-Nielsen).

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