Swedish musicians who were born in 1976

Here are 14 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1976:

Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz (July 19, 1976 Täby-) also known as Erick Prydz, Epic Prydz, Cirez D, Cirez, Moo, Pryda or Eric Prydz is a Swedish disc jockey, record producer and musician.

His albums include Call On Me (Henrik B Remix), Slammin, Pryda, In and Out, The Switch (Remixes), Pjanoo, Melo / Lift / Reeperbahn, Glow, and Remember / Frankfurt. Genres he performed include Dance music, House music, Techno, Progressive house, Tech house and Electro house.

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Olinda Castielle

Olinda Castielle (September 30, 1976 Stockholm-) is a Swedish talk show host, singer, presenter and entrepreneur.

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Christian Kjellvander

Christian Kjellvander (May 13, 1976-) a.k.a. Kjellvander, Christian is a Swedish , .

Discography: Songs from a Two-Room Chapel, Introducing the Past, Portugal, Waiting Around to Die, Faya, Drunken Hands, I Saw Her From Here / I Saw Here From Her, The Rough and Rynge and The Pitcher.

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Fredrik Hermansson

Fredrik Hermansson (July 18, 1976-) a.k.a. Hermansson, Fredrik is a Swedish musician, songwriter, harpsichordist and keyboard player.

Genres he performed include Progressive rock, Progressive metal, Fusion and Tango music.

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J. C. Schütz

J. C. Schütz (May 12, 1976 Motala-) is a Swedish singer, artist, musician, singer-songwriter and music artist.

Discography: Blissa Nova, C'est la Vie, Passion and Peacebird. Genres: Jazz, Pop music, Bossa nova, Blue-eyed soul, World music, Folk rock, Folk jazz and Musical theatre.

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Patrick Johansson

Patrick Johansson (November 29, 1976 Sweden-) is a Swedish drummer.

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Christian Älvestam

Christian Älvestam (April 14, 1976 Sweden-) a.k.a. Christian Alvestam or Älvestam, Christian is a Swedish musician, singer, bassist, guitarist, lyricist and drummer.

His albums include Self 2.0. Genres: Death metal, Grindcore, Thrash metal, Melodic death metal, Power metal, Progressive metal and Heavy metal.

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Sahlene (May 11, 1976 Sandarne-) a.k.a. Anna Sahlene, Anna Sahlin, Sahlin, Anna, Anna Cecilia Sahlin or Sahléne is a Swedish singer and actor. She has two children, Lily Sahlin and Mika Sahlin.

Her albums include The Little Voice, Runaway, No Ordinary Girl, House and It's Been a While. Her related genres: Pop music.

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Emilia De Poret

Emilia De Poret (August 10, 1976 Sweden-) a.k.a. Lia Andreen is a Swedish , .

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Peter Morén

Peter Morén (May 5, 1976 Mora-) also known as Morén, Peter is a Swedish guitarist and musician.

Discography: , Pyramiden, The Last Tycoon and .

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Promoe (April 28, 1976 Västerås-) a.k.a. Marten Edh, Kjell Kriminell or Mårten Edh is a Swedish rapper.

His albums: Standard Bearer, Songs of Joy, White Man's Burden, The Long Distance Runner, Government Music, Off the Record, These Walls Don't Lie, Kråksången, Vertigo / Blind Justice and Fuck a Record Deal EP. Genres he performed: Reggae, Hip hop music and Electronic music.

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Robert Dahlqvist

Robert Dahlqvist (April 16, 1976 Uddevalla-) also known as Dahlqvist, Robert is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

His related genres: Garage rock, Punk rock, Power pop, Rock music, Garage punk, Hard rock and Post-punk revival.

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Thomas Rusiak

Thomas Rusiak (November 8, 1976 Rågsved-) also known as Rusiak, Thomas is a Swedish rapper, record producer and singer.

His albums include Hiphopper, In the Sun, Magic Villa, Unicorn and Spinning.

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Rickard Engfors

Rickard Engfors (November 22, 1976 Haninge Municipality-) also known as Engfors, Rickard is a Swedish model and drag queen.

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