Swedish musicians who were born in 1981

Here are 16 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1981:

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Zlatan Ibrahimović (October 3, 1981-) otherwise known as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zlatanera or Zlatan is a Swedish football player. He has two children, Maximilian Ibrahimović and Vincent Ibrahimović.

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Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman (February 6, 1981 Angered-) a.k.a. Rocky Dennis is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician.

Discography: The Insect EP, Maple Leaves, Rocky Dennis EP, Rocky Dennis EP, When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog, I Killed a Party Again, The Opposite of Hallelujah, You Deserve Someone Better Than a Bum Like Me, Oh You're So Silent Jens and US Tour EP. Genres related to him: Pop music and Indie pop.

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Veronica Maggio

Veronica Maggio (March 15, 1981 Uppsala-) also known as Maggio, Veronica is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Her child is called Bosse Tull.

Her albums include Dumpa mig, Nöjd?, Och vinnaren är..., Satan i gatan, , Stopp, , Måndagsbarn, and Jag kommer (Mash Up International Remix). Genres she performed: Popular music and Soul music.

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The Moniker

The Moniker (August 31, 1981 Sweden-) is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

His most well known albums: . Genres he performed: Pop music and Rock music.

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Jay Smith

Jay Smith (April 29, 1981 Helsingborg-) also known as Smith, Jay is a Swedish musician.

Related albums: Jay Smith and King of Man. Genres he performed: Rock music and Hard rock.

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Jonna Lee

Jonna Lee (October 3, 1981 Linköping-) a.k.a. Jonna Nilsson or Nilsson, Jonna is a Swedish singer.

Discography: This Is Jonna Lee, 10 Pieces, 10 Bruises, Lake Chermain, And Your Love, This War EP, My High, I Wrote This Song, Something So Quiet, Dried Out Eyes and Acoustic EP. Genres: Alternative rock, Electronic music and Indie pop.

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Sarah Dawn Finer

Sarah Dawn Finer (September 14, 1981 Stockholm-) also known as Dawn Finer, Sarah, Sara Dawn Finer or Sara Finer is a Swedish singer and actor.

Her albums include Sarah Dawn Finer, Moving On, I Remember Love, Sanningen kommer om natten, Winterland, A Finer Dawn, Stay, A Way Back to Love, Stockholm By Morning and Does She Know You. Genres: Pop music and Soul music.

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Maher Zain

Maher Zain (July 16, 1981 Tripoli-) is a Swedish musician, composer, music producer, singer and songwriter.

His most recognized albums: Thank You Allah, Forgive Me and Freedom. His related genres: Soul music, Acoustic music, Rhythm and blues, World music and Pop music.

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Linda Sundblad

Linda Sundblad (July 5, 1981 Lidköping-) a.k.a. Linda, Linda (Netherlands) or Linda Caroline Sundblad is a Swedish singer, singer-songwriter, announcer and model.

Her albums: Oh my God!, Linda and Det måste vara radion. Genres she performed: Pop music, Electronic music and Europop.

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Mattias Andréasson

Mattias Andréasson (March 29, 1981 Sweden-) also known as Andreasson Mattias is a Swedish , .

His related genres: Rhythm and blues, Pop music and Soul music.

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Olof Dreijer

Olof Dreijer (November 27, 1981 Nacka-) otherwise known as DJ Coolof, Olof Bjorn Dreijer or Oni Ayhun is a Swedish disc jockey, record producer, singer and film score composer.

His discography includes: OAR001, OAR004, OAR003, OAR002, OARFREE001 and OARFREE002. Genres: Electronica, Alternative rock, Electronic dance music, Techno, Minimal techno and House music.

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Elin Sigvardsson

Elin Sigvardsson (November 23, 1981 Mönsterås-) also known as Elin Ruth is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter and singer.

Her albums include Saturday Light Naive, Smithereens, A Person Called She, Paper Cup Words, When It Comes To You, Where To Start, Elin Ruth, A Fiction, Song for Anna and Love. Genres: Country rock.

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Brolle Jr

Brolle Jr (November 10, 1981 Boden-) otherwise known as Brolle Jr., Kjell Junior Wallmark or Brolle is a Swedish singer.

Discography: Paradise Will Wait, Rebellious Heart, Pärlor, Ett Hjärta Som Glöder, Som En Gång Brann, Brolle Jr tolkar Cornelis: En stund på jorden and Best of Brolle. His related genres: Pop music and Soul music.

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Gustaf Norén

Gustaf Norén (February 1, 1981 Borlänge-) otherwise known as Gustaf Noren or Erik Gustaf David Norén is a Swedish musician, singer and guitarist.

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Björn Dixgård

Björn Dixgård (May 8, 1981 Falun-) also known as Bjorn Dixgard or Björn Hans-Erik Dixgård is a Swedish singer and guitarist.

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Salem Al Fakir

Salem Al Fakir (October 27, 1981 Sweden-) otherwise known as Al Fakir, Salem or Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso vs. Salem Al Fakir is a Swedish singer and musician.

His albums: This Is Who I Am, Astronaut, Ignore This and It's True. Genres related to him: Pop music, Soul music and Jazz.

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