Swedish musicians who were born in 1986

Here are 15 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1986:

Per Karlsson

Per Karlsson (January 2, 1986 Stockholm-) is a Swedish , .

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Lykke Li

Lykke Li (March 18, 1986 Ystad-) also known as Lykke Li Zachrisson, Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson, Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson or Lykke Li Zackrisson is a Swedish singer-songwriter, songwriter, musician, singer and actor.

Related albums: Little Bit, I'm Good, I'm Gone, Youth Novels, Breaking It Up, Get Some, Wounded Rhymes, I Follow Rivers, iTunes Live: London Festival '08, iTunes Session and The Lost Sessions, Volume 1. Genres: Indie rock, Alternative rock, Pop music, Electronic music, Indie folk, Indie pop, Dream pop, Folktronica, Folk rock, Synthpop and Soul music.

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Kevin Borg

Kevin Borg (June 9, 1986 Floriana-) is a Swedish singer.

Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Ola Svensson

Ola Svensson (February 23, 1986 Lund-) a.k.a. Svensson, Ola or Ola is a Swedish singer, musician, songwriter, artist and music artist.

His most well known albums: Ola, I'm in Love, Given to Fly, Good Enough and SMAK 05 / SMAK 06. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Måns Zelmerlöw

Måns Zelmerlöw (June 13, 1986 Lund-) a.k.a. Måns Petter Albert Zelmerlöw or Mans Zelmerlow is a Swedish singer.

His albums: Stand by for..., MZW, Cara Mia, Brother Oh Brother, Christmas With Friends, Broken Parts, Barcelona Sessions, Work of Art (Da Vinci), Miss America and Hope & Glory. Genres: Europop.

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Daniel Saucedo

Daniel Saucedo (February 25, 1986 Södermalm-) also known as Danny or Danny Saucedo is a Swedish singer.

His discography includes: Heart Beats, If Only You (feat. Therese), Set Your Body Free, Radio, Öppna din dörr, Tokyo, Play It for the Girls, Hey (I've Been Feeling Kinda Lonely), Need to Know and Emely. His related genres: Pop music, Disco, Europop and Dance music.

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Jim Almgren Gândara

Jim Almgren Gândara (May 2, 1986 Sweden-) is a Swedish singer.

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Anna von Hausswolff

Anna von Hausswolff (November 6, 1986 Gothenburg-) is a Swedish , .

Her albums include Ceremony, Singing From the Grave, Mountains Crave and Track of Time. Genres she performed include Indie rock, Pop music and Electronic music.

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Dravarious (August 23, 1986 Sweden-) is a Swedish singer.

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Mohombi (October 17, 1986 Kinshasa-) also known as Mohombi Nzasi Moupondo or Mohonbi is a Swedish singer-songwriter and dancer.

His discography includes: MoveMeant, Bumpy Ride, Miss Me, In Your Head, Bumpy Ride (Remixes), In Your Head, Coconut Tree, Dirty Situation and Universe. Genres related to him: Pop music, Reggae fusion, Dancehall, Contemporary R&B, Soca music and African popular music.

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Andreas Weise

Andreas Weise (August 18, 1986-) a.k.a. Andreas Georg Fredrik Weise is a Swedish singer.

Genres he performed include Jazz, Big Band and Traditional pop music.

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Adrian Lux

Adrian Lux (May 1, 1986-) is a Swedish disc jockey and record producer.

His most important albums: Teenage Crime, Adrian Lux, Alive, Can't Sleep, Strawberry, Boy, Wild Child, Burning and Sooner or Later (Nora en Pure remix). Genres he performed include House music and Techno.

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Gathania Holmgren

Gathania Holmgren (August 1, 1986 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Holmgren Gathania or Gathania is a Swedish singer.

Her related genres: Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Ilya Salmanzadeh

Ilya Salmanzadeh (September 19, 1986 Stockholm-) also known as Knocdown is a Swedish composer, record producer and singer.

Genres related to him: Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Europop and Hip hop music.

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Kari Berg

Kari Berg (August 18, 1986 Östersund-) is a Swedish model and singer.

Genres: Synthpop, Electronica, Alternative rock, Electronic body music and Indie pop.

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