Swedish musicians who were born in 1991

Here are 9 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1991:

Alice Svensson

Alice Svensson (June 11, 1991 Hanoi-) is a Swedish singer.

Genres: Rock music, Pop music and Soul music.

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Jonathan Fagerlund

Jonathan Fagerlund (January 8, 1991 Sweden-) is a Swedish musician, songwriter and singer.

His albums: Flying and Welcome to My World. Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Clara Hagman

Clara Hagman (July 9, 1991 Gävle-) also known as Hagman, Clara is a Swedish singer.

Genres related to her: Pop music.

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Erika Selin

Erika Selin (August 6, 1991-) is a Swedish , .

Her related genres: Pop music.

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Alesso (July 7, 1991 Stockholm-) is a Swedish disc jockey, record producer and musician.

His most recognized albums: Alesso EP, Calling, Dynamite EP, Raise Your Head, Years, Loose It, Under Control, If I Lose Myself, Clash and City of Dreams. Genres he performed: Progressive house, House music, Electro house and Electronic dance music.

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Miriam Bryant

Miriam Bryant (March 8, 1991 Gothenburg-) is a Swedish singer-songwriter and songwriter.

Her most well known albums: Finders Keepers, Push Play and Raised in Rain. Genres related to her: Pop music and Soul music.

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Robin Stjernberg

Robin Stjernberg (February 22, 1991 Hässleholm-) is a Swedish , .

His albums include My Versions, On My Mind, Scars, You, Pieces, All This Way, Crime and Halo. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Anna Bergendahl

Anna Bergendahl (December 11, 1991 Stockholm-) is a Swedish , .

Discography: Something to Believe In, , I Hate New York (radio edit), Live and Let Go (radio edit), This Is My Life, The Army, , , and Yours Sincerely. Genres related to her: Folk music.

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Elisa Lindström

Elisa Lindström (April 24, 1991 Töreboda-) is a Swedish singer.

Discography: .

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