Swedish music stars who deceased at age 52

Here are 8 famous musicians from Sweden died at 52:

August Bondeson

August Bondeson (February 2, 1854-September 23, 1906) was a Swedish writer.

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Stieg Trenter

Stieg Trenter (August 14, 1914 Sweden-July 4, 1967 Stockholm) was a Swedish writer and author. He had two children, Laura Trenter and Bo Trenter.

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Götrik Frykman

Götrik Frykman (December 1, 1891-April 7, 1944) was a Swedish personality.

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Thorsten Svensson

Thorsten Svensson (October 8, 1901-June 29, 1954) was a Swedish personality.

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Ivar Kreuger

Ivar Kreuger (March 2, 1880 Kalmar-March 12, 1932 Paris) was a Swedish engineer, businessperson and business magnate.

He died in suicide.

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Christina of Holstein-Gottorp

Christina of Holstein-Gottorp (April 13, 1573 Kiel-December 8, 1625 Gripsholm Castle) was a Swedish personality. Her children are Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, Princess Maria Elizabeth of Sweden and Charles Philip, Duke of Södermanland.

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Carl Olof Rosenius

Carl Olof Rosenius (February 3, 1816 Sweden-February 24, 1868 Stockholm) was a Swedish personality.

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Carl Hårleman

Carl Hårleman (August 27, 1700 Stockholm-February 9, 1753 Stockholm) a.k.a. Carl Harleman was a Swedish architect.

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