Swiss movie stars born in 1923

Here are 6 famous actors from Switzerland were born in 1923:

José Giovanni

José Giovanni (June 22, 1923 Paris-April 24, 2004 Lausanne) also known as Joseph Damiani or Jose Giovanni was a Swiss screenwriter, film director, writer, actor and television director.

Paul Muller

Paul Muller (March 11, 1923 Neuchâtel-) also known as Paul Konrad Muller, Paul Miller, Paolo Muller, Paul Muler, Paul Müller or Robert Muller is a Swiss actor.

Pinkas Braun

Pinkas Braun (January 7, 1923 Zürich-June 24, 2008 Munich) also known as Pinkas Braunn was a Swiss actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Judith Kernke.

Mirko Ellis

Mirko Ellis (September 4, 1923 Locarno-September 11, 2014 Alghero) also known as Mirko Korcinski, Mirko Korcinsky, Mirco Ellis or Mirko Loy Dona Alessandro Korcinsky was a Swiss actor.

Frank Duncan

Frank Duncan (February 1, 1923 Lausanne-February 6, 1995 France) was a Swiss actor.

Carlo Fedier

Carlo Fedier (August 15, 1923 Canton of Uri-) is a Swiss actor and screenwriter.

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