Swiss movie stars born in 1933

Here are 6 famous actors from Switzerland were born in 1933:

Peter Brogle

Peter Brogle (June 22, 1933 Basel-March 27, 2006 Zürich) was a Swiss actor.

Riccardo Bertoni

Riccardo Bertoni (November 8, 1933 Lugano-December 22, 2003) also known as Ricardo Bertoni was a Swiss casting director, actor, singer and entrepreneur.

Emil Steinberger

Emil Steinberger (January 6, 1933 Lucerne-) is a Swiss actor.

Bernard Haller

Bernard Haller (December 5, 1933 Geneva-April 24, 2009 Geneva) was a Swiss actor and screenwriter.

Jacques Verlier

Jacques Verlier (July 19, 1933 Tramelan-July 2, 1992 Geneva) also known as Jackie Roland Stämpfli or Giacomo Verlier was a Swiss actor. He had four children, Karina Verlier, Thomas Verlier, Mathieu Verlier and Romain Verlier.

Roland Carey

Roland Carey (February 20, 1933 Lausanne-) a.k.a. Henri Louis Roland Carey or Rod Carter is a Swiss actor.

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