Swiss movie stars born in 1977

Here are 6 famous actresses from Switzerland were born in 1977:

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker (January 24, 1977 Sorengo-) also known as Michelle Yvonne Hunziker or Michelle Hunzinker is a Swiss model, actor, singer and presenter. Her children are called Aurora Hunziker-Ramazzotti and Sole Trussardi.

Denise Meili

Denise Meili (July 4, 1977 Basel-) is a Swiss actor.

Anja Becher

Anja Becher (April 22, 1977-) is a Swiss actor.

Tanja Gutmann

Tanja Gutmann (April 3, 1977 Aarberg-) is a Swiss actor, presenter and model.

Karin Lanz

Karin Lanz (March 16, 1977 Dielsdorf-) also known as Karin Sibylle Lanz is a Swiss actor and presenter.

Claudia Jurt

Claudia Jurt (December 12, 1977 Z├╝rich-) is a Swiss actor, film producer, film director and casting director.

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