Swedish actresses who were born in 1968

Here are 6 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1968:

Emma Wiklund

Emma Wiklund (September 13, 1968 Stockholm-) also known as Emma Sjoberg, Emma Sjöberg or Emma Sjöberg-Wiklund is a Swedish fashion model and actor. She has two children, Tyra Wiklund and Elis Wiklund.

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Malin Birgerson

Malin Birgerson (January 28, 1968 Täby-) a.k.a. Malin Susanna Margareta Birgerson or Malin Birgersson is a Swedish actor.

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Lisa Lindgren

Lisa Lindgren (June 3, 1968 Råsunda-) also known as Elisabet Lindgren or Elisabet "Lisa" Lindgren is a Swedish actor.

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Elisabet Carlsson

Elisabet Carlsson (January 9, 1968 Östra Göinge Municipality-) a.k.a. Anne Elisabet Carlsson or Elisabeth Carlsson is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Hedvig Roos.

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Annika Hallin

Annika Hallin (February 16, 1968 Hägersten-) otherwise known as Annika Susanne Hallin is a Swedish actor. Her child is called Sasha Norén.

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Tova Magnusson

Tova Magnusson (June 18, 1968 Huddinge Municipality-) also known as Tova Magnusson-Norling, Towa Dorothea Magnusson, Tova Magnusson Norling or Tova Dorotea Magnusson is a Swedish actor, film director, comedian and television director. She has two children, Dorothea Saga Norling and Arvid Norling.

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