Swiss musicians died at 49

Here are 5 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 49:

Conrad Gessner

Conrad Gessner (March 26, 1516 Zürich-December 13, 1565 Zürich) also known as Konrad Gesner or Konrad Gessner was a Swiss botanist, mountaineer and physician.

He died in bubonic plague.

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Johannes Oecolampadius

Johannes Oecolampadius (April 5, 1482 Weinsberg-November 24, 1531 Basel) was a Swiss personality.

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Alexandre Vinet

Alexandre Vinet (June 17, 1797 Ouchy-May 4, 1847 Clarens) was a Swiss personality.

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Johann Heinrich Lambert

Johann Heinrich Lambert (August 26, 1728 Mulhouse-September 25, 1777 Berlin) was a Swiss philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and physicist.

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Fritz Fischer

Fritz Fischer (February 9, 1898 Signau-December 28, 1947 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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