Swiss musicians died at 78

Here are 24 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 78:

Niklaus Aeschbacher

Niklaus Aeschbacher (April 30, 1917-November 30, 1995) was a Swiss personality.

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Jean Leclerc

Jean Leclerc (March 19, 1657 Geneva-January 8, 1736 Amsterdam) also known as Jean Le Clerc was a Swiss personality.

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Edmond Louis Budry

Edmond Louis Budry (August 30, 1854 Vevey-November 12, 1932) was a Swiss personality.

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Albert Scherrer

Albert Scherrer (February 28, 1908 Riehen-July 5, 1986 Basel) was a Swiss race car driver.

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Robert Emden

Robert Emden (March 4, 1862 Kirchberg, St. Gallen-October 8, 1940 Zürich) also known as Jacob Robert Emden was a Swiss physicist, meteorologist and astrophysicist.

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Anne Cuneo

Anne Cuneo (September 6, 1936 Paris-February 11, 2015) was a Swiss writer and journalist.

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Johannes Itten

Johannes Itten (November 11, 1888 Wachseldorn-March 25, 1967 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Auguste Piccard

Auguste Piccard (January 28, 1884 Basel-March 24, 1962 Lausanne) was a Swiss physicist. His child is called Jacques Piccard.

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Hans Heinrich Landolt

Hans Heinrich Landolt (December 5, 1831 Zürich-March 15, 1910 Wilmersdorf) otherwise known as H. Landolt was a Swiss personality.

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Gottfried von Einem

Gottfried von Einem (January 24, 1918 Bern-July 12, 1996) also known as Einem, Gottfried Von was a Swiss composer.

His discography includes: Votivlieder Op. 93 / Das Stundenlied Op. 26. Genres he performed: Opera, 20th-century classical music and Ballet.

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Robert Walser

Robert Walser (April 15, 1878 Biel/Bienne-December 25, 1956 Herisau) was a Swiss writer.

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Clara Thalmann

Clara Thalmann (September 24, 1908 Basel-January 27, 1987 Nice) was a Swiss personality.

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Eduard Gruner

Eduard Gruner (June 2, 1905 Basel-May 21, 1984 Basel) was a Swiss engineer.

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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (July 8, 1926 Zürich-August 24, 2004 Scottsdale) a.k.a. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross or Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was a Swiss author and psychiatrist. She had one child, Ken Ross.

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Ernest Bloch

Ernest Bloch (July 24, 1880 Geneva-July 15, 1959 Portland) also known as Ernst Bloch, E. Bloch or Bloch, Ernest was a Swiss composer. He had one child, Lucienne Bloch.

Discography: Violin Sonatas (violin: Leonard Friedman, piano: Allan Schiller), Samuel Feinberg: Piano Concerto in C Minor / Ernest Bloch: Symphony for Trombone and Orchestra, Music by Ernest Bloch (London Symphony Orchestra, feat. conductor: David Amos ), Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2, Suite Hébraïque (feat. violin: Miriam Kramer, piano: Simon Over), Piano Quintets (Goldner String Quartet, Piers Lane), String Quartets 1-4, Works for Piano & Orchestra (SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern feat. conductor: Jiří Stárek, piano: Jenny Lin), Suites pour violoncelle - Méditations hébraïques pour violoncelle et piano (feat. Cello: Emmanuelle Bertrand, piano: Pascal Amoyel), Hanson Conducts Bloch (Eastman-Rochester Orchestra feat. conductor: Howard Hanson) and Bloch: Schelomo / Bruch: Kol Nidrei. Genres related to him: Opera and 20th-century classical music.

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Ernst Rüdin

Ernst Rüdin (April 19, 1874 St. Gallen-October 22, 1952 Munich) also known as Ernst Rudin or Dr. Ernst Rüdin was a Swiss physician.

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Gottfried Dienst

Gottfried Dienst (September 9, 1919 Basel-June 1, 1998 Basel) was a Swiss personality.

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Gunter Sachs

Gunter Sachs (November 14, 1932 Schweinfurt-May 7, 2011 Gstaad) also known as Gunther Sachs or Fritz Gunter Sachs was a Swiss photographer, business magnate and author. He had three children, Rolf Sachs, Christian Sachs and Claus Alexander Sachs.

He died caused by ballistic trauma.

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Heinrich Häberlin

Heinrich Häberlin (September 6, 1868 Weinfelden-February 26, 1947 Frauenfeld) a.k.a. Heinrich Haberlin was a Swiss personality.

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Johannes Baumann

Johannes Baumann (November 27, 1874 Herisau-September 8, 1953) was a Swiss personality.

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John Brack

John Brack (May 10, 1920 Zürich-February 11, 1999 Melbourne) was a Swiss artist and visual artist.

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Konrad Pellikan

Konrad Pellikan (January 8, 1478 Rouffach-April 6, 1556 Zürich) a.k.a. Konrad Pelikan was a Swiss personality.

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Robert Pinget

Robert Pinget (July 19, 1919 Geneva-August 25, 1997 Tours) also known as Robert. Pinget was a Swiss novelist, writer, author, playwright and poet.

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Werner Kaegi

Werner Kaegi (February 22, 1901 Oetwil am See-June 15, 1979 Basel) was a Swiss personality.

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