Swiss musicians died at 79

Here are 29 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 79:

Carl Spitteler

Carl Spitteler (April 24, 1845 Liestal-December 29, 1924 Lucerne) was a Swiss writer and poet.

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Max Frisch

Max Frisch (May 15, 1911 Zürich-April 4, 1991 Zürich) also known as Max Rudolf Frisch was a Swiss novelist, architect, playwright, philosopher and writer. His children are called Ursula Priess, Hans Peter Frisch and Charlotte Frisch.

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Alexandre Yersin

Alexandre Yersin (September 22, 1863 Aubonne-March 1, 1943 Nha Trang) otherwise known as Dr. Alexandre Yersin was a Swiss physician.

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Denis de Rougemont

Denis de Rougemont (September 8, 1906 Couvet-December 6, 1985 Geneva) otherwise known as Denis Rougemont was a Swiss writer.

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Jean Piccard

Jean Piccard (January 28, 1884 Basel-January 28, 1963 Minneapolis) was a Swiss chemist.

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Jost Bürgi

Jost Bürgi (February 28, 1552 Lichtensteig-January 31, 1632 Kassel) also known as Joost Burgi was a Swiss mathematician and clockmaker.

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Willy Schärer

Willy Schärer (September 20, 1903 Bern-November 20, 1982 Bern) a.k.a. Willy Scharer was a Swiss personality.

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Heinrich Rohrer

Heinrich Rohrer (June 6, 1933 Buchs-May 16, 2013 Wollerau) was a Swiss physicist.

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Edmund Landolt

Edmund Landolt (May 17, 1846 Switzerland-May 9, 1926 Paris) also known as E. Landolt was a Swiss ophthalmology.

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Amé Pictet

Amé Pictet (July 12, 1857 Geneva-March 11, 1937 Geneva) was a Swiss chemist.

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Edwin Klebs

Edwin Klebs (February 6, 1834 Königsberg-October 23, 1913 Bern) was a Swiss pathologist. He had one child, Arnold Klebs.

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Adolphe Reymond

Adolphe Reymond (September 4, 1896-March 7, 1976) was a Swiss personality.

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Adolf Dietrich

Adolf Dietrich (November 9, 1877 Berlingen-June 4, 1957 Berlingen) was a Swiss artist and visual artist.

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Fritz Hünenberger

Fritz Hünenberger (March 14, 1897-August 30, 1976) was a Swiss personality.

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Jacob Burckhardt

Jacob Burckhardt (May 25, 1818 Basel-August 8, 1897 Basel) was a Swiss historian.

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Édouard Dapples

Édouard Dapples (December 12, 1807 Lausanne-April 30, 1887 Nice) was a Swiss politician.

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Eduard Spelterini

Eduard Spelterini (June 2, 1852 Switzerland-June 16, 1931 Vöcklabruck) was a Swiss personality.

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Ernst Stueckelberg

Ernst Stueckelberg (February 1, 1905 Basel-September 4, 1984 Geneva) was a Swiss physicist.

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Frédéric Studer

Frédéric Studer (May 26, 1926 Muralto-October 22, 2005 Lausanne) was a Swiss personality.

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Georges-Louis Le Sage

Georges-Louis Le Sage (June 13, 1724 Geneva-November 9, 1803 Geneva) was a Swiss physicist.

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Hugo Loetscher

Hugo Loetscher (December 22, 1929 Zürich-August 18, 2009 Zürich) was a Swiss novelist.

He died in surgery.

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Johann Balthasar Bullinger

Johann Balthasar Bullinger (November 30, 1713 Langnau am Albis-March 31, 1793 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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John Knittel

John Knittel (March 24, 1891 Dharwad-April 26, 1970 Maienfeld) a.k.a. John Herman Emanuel Knittel or Hermann Emanuel Knittel was a Swiss writer. His children are called Doreen Knittel, Margaret Knittel and Robert Knittel.

He died caused by natural causes.

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John Louis Nuelsen

John Louis Nuelsen (January 19, 1867 Zürich-June 26, 1946 Cincinnati) was a Swiss historian and writer.

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Louis Appia

Louis Appia (October 13, 1818 Frankfurt-May 1, 1898 Geneva) was a Swiss personality.

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Maria Schell

Maria Schell (January 15, 1926 Vienna-April 26, 2005 Preitenegg) also known as Maria Margarethe Anna Schell, Margarete Schell, Gritli Schell, Seelchen or Little soul was a Swiss actor. She had two children, Oliver Schell and Marie-Theres Relin.

She died as a result of pneumonia.

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Paul Scherrer

Paul Scherrer (February 3, 1890 St. Gallen-September 25, 1969 Zürich) was a Swiss physicist.

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Paul Zweifel

Paul Zweifel (June 30, 1848 Höngg-August 13, 1927 Leipzig) was a Swiss personality.

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Sigfried Giedion

Sigfried Giedion (April 14, 1888 Prague-April 10, 1968 Zürich) a.k.a. Sigfried Gideon or S. Giedion was a Swiss architect.

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