Thai actors died as a result of Lung cancer

Here are 3 famous actors from Thailand died in Lung cancer:

Meesak Nakarat

Meesak Nakarat (April 20, 1938 Bangkok-October 18, 2012 Bangkok) otherwise known as Meeson Macakharat or Meesak Nakkarat was a Thai actor.

Kurkkiat Panpipat

Kurkkiat Panpipat also known as Krerkkiat Punpiputt or Kiat Punpiputt was a Thai actor.

Buinthin Thuaykaew

Buinthin Thuaykaew (February 2, 1958 Thailand-February 7, 2010 Kanchanaburi) also known as Bunthin Touykaew, Boontin Tuaykaew or Bunthin Thuaykaew was a Thai actor, production designer and screenwriter.

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