Turkish actors born in 1928

Here are 5 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1928:

Ara Güler

Ara Güler (August 16, 1928 Beyoğlu-) also known as Ara Guler, the Eye of Istanbul or the Photographer of Istanbul is a Turkish photojournalist and actor.

Haldun Dormen

Haldun Dormen (April 5, 1928 Mersin-) is a Turkish film director and actor. His child is called Ömer Dormen.

Nuri Ergün

Nuri Ergün (March 20, 1928 Çayeli-) a.k.a. O. Nuri Ergün, Osman Nuri Ergün or Nuri Ergun is a Turkish film director and actor.

Alfred Freudenheim

Alfred Freudenheim (April 5, 1928 Turin-July 4, 1999) also known as Alfred Frendemheim was a Turkish actor.

Ekrem Dümer

Ekrem Dümer (October 15, 1928 Istanbul-March 9, 2000 Istanbul) a.k.a. Ekrem Dumer was a Turkish actor. He had one child, Yalçın Dümer.

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