Turkish actors born in 1934

Here are 8 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1934:

Fikret Hakan

Fikret Hakan (April 23, 1934 Balıkesir-) a.k.a. Bumin Gaffar Çitanak is a Turkish actor.

Metin Serezli

Metin Serezli (January 12, 1934 Istanbul-March 10, 2013 Istanbul) was a Turkish actor, theatre director and voice actor. He had two children, Murat Serezli and Selim Serezli.

İzzet Günay

İzzet Günay (August 21, 1934 Salacak-) a.k.a. Izzet Günay is a Turkish actor.

Ekrem Bora

Ekrem Bora (March 7, 1934 Ankara-April 1, 2012 Istanbul) was a Turkish actor.

Can Kolukısa

Can Kolukısa (May 14, 1934 Eskişehir-) a.k.a. Can Kolukisa is a Turkish actor.

Behçet Nacar

Behçet Nacar (April 7, 1934 Istanbul-) otherwise known as Behçet Nacaroglu is a Turkish actor.

Ergun Köknar

Ergun Köknar (May 23, 1934 Istanbul-September 11, 2000 Istanbul) also known as Ergün Köknar or Ergun Koknar was a Turkish actor.

Ekrem Gökkaya

Ekrem Gökkaya (February 5, 1934 Konya-) also known as Ekrem Gokkaya, Ekrem Turan Gökkaya, Sartana or Beyoğlu Ekrem is a Turkish actor.

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