Turkish actors born in 1942

Here are 9 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1942:

Aykut Oray

Aykut Oray (October 13, 1942 Üsküdar-August 11, 2009 Muğla) also known as Ahmet Aykut Oray was a Turkish actor. He had two children, Umut Oray and Anıl Oray.

Tunç Okan

Tunç Okan (August 18, 1942 Istanbul-) a.k.a. Bay Okan is a Turkish actor.

İhsan Gedik

İhsan Gedik (June 10, 1942 Bafra-) also known as Tom Cartney, Ihsan Genik or Ihsan Gedik is a Turkish actor. He has one child, Fatma Türkan Gedik.

Şener Kökkaya

Şener Kökkaya (June 30, 1942 Antalya-) otherwise known as Şener Kokkaya or Sener Kokkaya is a Turkish actor and theatre director.

Zafer Ergin

Zafer Ergin (August 30, 1942 Ankara-) is a Turkish actor and voice actor.

Tamer Yigit

Tamer Yigit (January 1, 1942 Balıkesir-) also known as Tamer Özyigitoglu or Tamer Yiğit is a Turkish actor, film director, screenwriter and businessperson.

Tolga Aşkıner

Tolga Aşkıner (February 18, 1942 Divriği-June 12, 1996 Şişli) was a Turkish film director and actor.

Savaş Dinçel

Savaş Dinçel (April 1, 1942 Fatih-December 20, 2007 Istanbul) also known as Savas Dincel, Savas Dinçer or Savas Dinçel was a Turkish actor and caricaturist. His child is called Barış Dinçel.

Hikmet Taşdemir

Hikmet Taşdemir (February 2, 1942 Erzurum-) also known as Hikmet Tasdemir is a Turkish actor.

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