Turkish actors born in 1958

Here are 8 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1958:

Tayfun Bademsoy

Tayfun Bademsoy (October 14, 1958 Mersin-) is a Turkish actor, television director and voice actor.

Erkan Can

Erkan Can (November 1, 1958 Bursa-) is a Turkish actor. His child is called Deniz Can.

Haldun Boysan

Haldun Boysan (July 6, 1958 Ankara-) is a Turkish actor and voice actor.

Ege Aydan

Ege Aydan (June 15, 1958 Ankara-) is a Turkish actor and theatre director.

Mazlum Çimen

Mazlum Çimen (June 18, 1958 Elbistan-) otherwise known as Mazlum Cimen is a Turkish musician, ballet dancer, actor, film score composer and singer. He has one child, Saki Çimen.

Altan Gördüm

Altan Gördüm (December 1, 1958 Adana-) also known as Altan Gordum is a Turkish actor.

Zühtü Erkan

Zühtü Erkan (June 27, 1958 Balıkesir-) is a Turkish actor and screenwriter.

Tuncay Toron

Tuncay Toron (July 25, 1958 Istanbul-) also known as Tuncay Torun or Torun Tuncay is a Turkish actor.

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