Turkish actresses born in 1939

Here are 5 famous actresses from Turkey were born in 1939:

Suna Selen

Suna Selen (July 1, 1939 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor. Her children are called Güner Özkul and Sinan Sümer.

Leyla Sayar

Leyla Sayar (December 27, 1939 Istanbul-) also known as Leylâ Sayar or Leylá Sayar is a Turkish actor, writer, ballet dancer, singer and author.

Pervin Par

Pervin Par (March 23, 1939 Bursa-) also known as Pervin Doyum is a Turkish actor.

Göksel Kortay

Göksel Kortay (April 6, 1939 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor, theatre director, translator, teacher and voice actor.

Cigdem Onat

Cigdem Onat (May 14, 1939 Ankara-) is a Turkish actor.

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