Turkish actresses born in 1957

Here are 6 famous actresses from Turkey were born in 1957:

Zuhal Olcay

Zuhal Olcay (August 10, 1957 Üsküdar-) also known as Zühal Olcay or Zuhal İşanç is a Turkish singer and actor. She has one child, Ceren Olcay.

Itır Esen

Itır Esen (March 30, 1957 Istanbul-) also known as Itir Esen is a Turkish actor.

Ayşegül Aldinç

Ayşegül Aldinç (October 4, 1957 Istanbul-) also known as Aysegul Aldinc or Aldinç, Ayşegül is a Turkish actor and singer.

Derya Baykal

Derya Baykal (February 1, 1957 Ankara-) is a Turkish actor. She has three children, Müjgan Ferhan Şensoy, Neriman Derya Şensoy and Mert Baykal.

Sevda Aktolga

Sevda Aktolga (September 24, 1957 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor.

Bilgen Bengü

Bilgen Bengü (December 19, 1957 Istanbul-) also known as Bengü, Bilgen is a Turkish musician, singer and actor.

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