Turkish music stars died in Stomach cancer

Here are 1 famous musicians from Turkey died in Stomach cancer:

Adnan Şenses

Adnan Şenses (August 21, 1935 Bursa-December 25, 2013 Istanbul) otherwise known as Adnan Senses or Şenses, Adnan was a Turkish singer, actor, musician and composer. He had one child, Arzum Şenses.

Discography: Adnan Şenses Klasikleri Vol. 2, Adnan Şenses Klasikleri Vol. 1, Yağmur Gözlüm, Elveda, Sensizliği Taşıyamam, Nasihat, Senin Olmaya Geldim, Dönme Sevgilim, Şüphe and Dokunmayın Bana.

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