Albanian music stars died at age 67

Here are 1 famous musicians from Albania died at 67:

Faik Konica

Faik Konica (March 15, 1875 Konitsa-December 15, 1942) was an Albanian writer, statesman and politician.

He was also a prominent journalist and editor, who was known for his work in advancing the cause of Albanian nationalism and independence. Konica spent much of his life in exile, owing to his outspoken views and activism against the Ottoman Empire, which ruled Albania at the time. He lived and worked in several European countries, including Romania, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom, where he published articles and books advocating for Albanian autonomy and self-determination. Konica was a leading figure in the Albanian national movement, and he played a key role in the formation of the modern Albanian state in the early 20th century. Later in life, he served as a diplomat and government official, representing Albania in international organizations and working to promote its interests abroad. Despite facing many challenges and setbacks throughout his career, Konica remained committed to the cause of Albanian independence and national identity, and he is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in Albanian history.

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